• Jennifer Therian, LMFT

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
    ~ Chinese proverb

    There are moments in life where it feels like you cannot take another step or see the steps ahead of you to get to where you want to be, often leading to a sense of hopelessness.  I’m here to help you face the stressors and struggles in your life that may be leading to emotional overload and possibly impacting many areas of your life. I will help you on your journey, each step of the way, no matter where that journey begins or how long it is.  I have a strong passion for helping people better their lives and I offer a holistic, empowering and person-centered approach, meeting you where you are at.  When I enter the room with my client’s I am a person first and foremost.  I bring my compassion, authenticity and genuine energy to the room, along with my commitment to be engaged and present for you during our work together.  

    I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist with over 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families.  I work with ages 17 and older, and have worked extensively with young adults, helping them navigate this challenging phase of life, in addition to adults and older adults.  I use a variety of different treatment approaches, some of them being CBT, solution focused therapy, DBT skills and a systemic approach to therapy.  I have experience working with a variety of issues such as life changes, relationship challenges, mood disturbances, grief, trauma and women’s issues.  I also have strong experience and training working with caregivers, whether it’s personally with those you love or your role professionally in your career, to help combat the burnout and fatigue that often goes along with it, providing a safe place for healing and learning to add better balance in your life.  An area of specialty and certification I have is in working individuals living with chronic pain and chronic illness, sharing a systemic view on the correlation between these and mood.   I create strong and collaborative relationships with physicians, psychiatrists and naturopathic physicians to offer a personalized comprehensive plan to your care.  I strongly believe everyone needs a uniquely tailored approach that works for them.