• Joshua Cohen, LMFT

    Background and Education

    My journey to becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist began at an early age with the lessons I learned from my family and experiences. I learned the importance of being a good listener, how to connect with people, how to be optimistic, and to be open minded. When I entered the University of Connecticut, as an undergraduate, I double majored in Psychology and Human Development & Family Studies. I then went on to receive my graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. My education provided me with the necessary foundation of skills to heal individuals, couples, and families dealing with a wide range of issues.

    Clinical Experience

    I have provided therapy in client’s homes, on a college campus, at a non-profit clinic, and in my private practice. In total, I have amassed thousands of client hours and hundreds of hours of supervision to be able to provide the best care for my clients.

    In my practice, I focus on the unique goals of my clients. Each client who works with me is different, which I acknowledge and appreciate, so I make sure to spend time getting to know them, their particular issue, and what they would like to get out of therapy. My office is a space for clients to have transformative experiences and learn the necessary skills to achieve their goals.

    In regards to approaches, I often utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness techniques, EMDR, Motivational Interviewing, and Family Therapy techniques to ensure the best results. My specialties and areas of interest include anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse, family and relationship issues, LGBTQ+ issues, and chronic health issues, to name a few.

    Outside of my practice, I focus on becoming a better therapist and person. I frequently attend workshops, read, conduct presentations, and stay up to date on best practices, so I can better serve my clients. I spend the rest of my time with friends, meditating, going to comedy clubs, dancing, or exercising.

    Public Appearances

    As a therapist, I have presented at workshops, colleges, medical facilities, and other companies. I am available to present on any topic related to mental health and healthy relationships. Some of my presentations have been on topics including stress management, relaxation and meditation, improving company morale, managing jealousy and insecurity, and self-esteem.